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Open 7 days a week from the day after Thanksgiving until December 21st, Red Feather Farms offers live trees for you to select and cut.
Red Feather Farms offers live trees for you to select and cut. We also have pre-cut white firs and silvertips available. Our most abundant tree is the Douglas Fir, by far the most popular choice for a Christmas tree.  We also offer in limited quantities White Firs, Scotch Pines, Redwoods, Sugar Pines, and Cedars. After you've selected your tree, you cut it and we'll help you haul it out for wrapping in Mylar for easy transportation home.   We'll even bring it to your vehicle if you like.  Take a look below at examples of the various tree types we offer.

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In 1970 Bob Sutherland Jr. purchased a 300 acre ranch in the rolling foothills of the Sierra Nevadas and set aside 60 acres for planting trees. Bob Junior planted 20,000 trees each year over the next decade to create what is today the Red Feather Christmas Tree Farm. Red Feather Farms has grown trees in northern California for over forty years. Today Bob Sutherland III and his family manage the tree farm for his mom. We truly believe in providing Christmas trees "from our family to yours."


Please note, Red Feathers Farms is closed and will not be providing Christmas Trees for the upcoming holiday season. We will miss serving you.

By far our most popular, tree, the Douglas Fir has a fragrant smell and is an ideal choice for anyone wanting to bring back those memories of a white Christmas. This tree will make you feel as if you are in the Pacific Northwest, with its soft needles and tangerine aroma. The Douglas Fir is symmetrical and can be placed in any location in your home.
A traditional favorite and a great value. Most of us have had a Scotch Pine in our homes as our Christmas tree at one time or another. This tree has a dark green color, and its stiff branches are well suited for decorating with both light and heavy ornaments. With a strong frame and full branches, this tree is great even when completely covered with ornaments and lights.
The White Fir makes an excellent Christmas tree as it has a delightful aroma, retains its needles well after cutting, and has strong sturdy branches that hold their shape. This tree's needles vary from a bluish to a greenish shade. The White Fir has layered branches that are nicely spaced, giving plenty of room for hanging ornaments and decorations.

The Sierra Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) is also called bigtree or giant sequoia. It grows in the mountains of California, being common in Yosemite. A billowing mass of blue-green foliage has feathery-type branches leading to a neat, spired top.

The Sugar Pine has been long appreciated for its beauty. The Sugar Pine has medium to long forest-green pine needles which are gathered into tufts, allowing some spaces between the foliage perfect for hanging ornaments. Its woodsy charm and forest-green foliage is especially well suited for country styled decorations.

Nothing says "HOLIDAYS" like the wonderful aroma of a fresh-cut cedar Christmas tree. The needles are very small and are usually arranged in opposing pairs along the branchlets. They are a dark shiny green color andd form flat sprays. Cedar branches can also provide wonderful accents to wreaths and garlands.

Getting a fresh-cut Christmas Tree at Red Feather Farms is an experience for the whole family. From the open-pit fire to the hot chocolate, we offer a cozy warm place to spend the afternoon with the family so you can pick out the perfect Christmas tree for your home. We have picnic tables for you to bring your lunch or you can visit our snack bar for some hot food and warm drinks. Afterwards, take a nice walk through our enchanted forest or enjoy a covered wagon ride to pick out that special tree. Come join us for the RFF experience!

Red Feather Farms is located off Interstate 80 just outside of Auburn
in the Gold Country region of the Sierra Nevada Foothills.
You can find us at
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Red Feather Farms is open to the public from the day after Thanksgiving until December 21st

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